'FOOTBALL' - Story & Legends

The Exhibition

This exhibition takes the audience on a journey, through the world of football.

‘FOOTBALL’ is an interactive experience and has been designed to entertain the many fans of this great game – all over the world.

The exhibition has an exclusive usage license agreement for the thousands of original, precious and unique objects from some of the most important international players. The licence also covers the exclusive rights for the usage of all these original objects, throughout the global touring exhibition market.

Exhibition Specifications

Curatorial Partners

This exhibition is a collaboration with International Collectors. Design and architectural development by TEC Architettura SNC and production partner Liama S.R.L.



Original artifacts from World Cups, original team jerseys, historic football boots, football documentaries, interactive football games and much more.


The exhibition is available now – please enquire for availability in 2017 and onwards.


Tailored service with objects and interpretation or turnkey package.



For further information, please contact us.


The exhibition is designed to fit various sites. Standard size is 1000 m2, but other sizes can be made available upon request.