Diamonds Are Forever

Plan and images


The Exhibition

Diamonds have a long history as beautiful objects of desire. In the first century AD, the Roman naturalist Pliny stated: “Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.”

A diamond has to go through a lot before it reaches the jeweller’s display case. It forms deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. It’s ejected violently upward, until it arrives at or near the earth’s surface. It’s forced from its hiding place by nature or by man. Then it’s cleaved and cut and polished until its natural beauty shines through.

Exhibition Specifications

Curatorial Partners

This exhibition is currently being developed with major industry players and collectors from the diamond trade.



The exhibition will include models of the most famous diamonds in the world; working goldsmith for your own diamond fitting; professional valuation of your diamonds; geological history of diamonds and much more


The exhibition is available early 2018.


Tailored service with objects and interpretation or turnkey package.



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